1-2-1 Nutrition Mentor: working with individuals to improve their personal nutrition needs

Learn Sweet Learn style and methods as a Nutrition Mentor involve personalised research, facilitation and support for your individual circumstances and objectives:

  • understanding nutrients in foods and drinks
  • understanding the relationship between nutrition and physical activity
  • understanding how to manage a budget cost-effectively for specific nutritional requirements

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Unhealthy eating/diet can lead to health and weight problems. Life changes such as ageing and menopause require a personal review to ensure optimal health, via nutrition and diet, for the ageing society. Over-eating and under-eating can result in typical weight/health issues which can then develop into more serious health problems like eating disorders and Type 2 Diabetes, for instance.

Learn Sweet Learn nutritional mentoring work has evolved from previous work as a lecturer and researcher:

* As a college lecturer in abnormal psychology and mental health, for instance, which involved understanding the different explanations and approaches to eating disorders.

* As a researcher and experiencing a plethora of nutrition related workers such as Dietitians; Nutritionists; Nutrition assistants; Midwifes; Infant feeding advisor; General Practioners (GP’s); Health Coordinator; Health visitors; Family support workers; Early years workers; Nursery staff; Healthy eating workers; PCT Nursery Nurse Food workers; Food advisors; Nutrition lecturers; Menopause Nurses; Food and hygiene workers; Horticultural workers; Nutrition Network; Community food advisors; Parent Forum volunteers; Health; Community Weightloss/Diet advisors (Rosemary Conley; Weight Watchers, Slimming World); Infant health link workers; Librarians; Play and Learning teams = complex isn’t it!  New site services are starting to emerge too such as  Exercise Works

To investigate, with the aim to understand and combat health problems, it is essential that clinical research work is managed and informs new practise via the research networks. More information can be found on the UK Clinical Research Network website. For further background reading, consider Nutrition research report 2006 . This research publication informed the Sure Start Government Office in 2006.