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Working with parents and their children who have been identified, by their schools, as needing additional support in maths and English via Birmingham Tutors  and for issues relating to dyslexia and for those not living in Birmingham there is more support via Made by Dyslexia  . Learning maths can be fun and very rewarding and a Home Learning System for a variety of ages and learning needs is available from 10Ticks

Study Skills Home Tutor

Specialising in study skills for general exam, assignment and report writing preparation, for a variety of subjects and levels. Particularly suitable for students returning to learning who also need support to manage this transition.

For those student’s who are experiencing anxiety, the NHS website England (National Health Service)   have some reading resources for supporting student mental health/well-being associated to dealing with anxiety and other stressors linked to dealing with study skills and specifically ‘exam stress’ ( there’s also a video resource on this page link).

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EFL Tutor

HomeStay with English lessonsProviding full-board accommodation, cultural activities and English lessons for visiting international students. Working with Home Language International and Eurolingua
Short course (lesson only) options are available for local university international students

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Prior experience of working and living, as an English seafarer for P&O Cruises (early 1990s) with an international crew, and with the responsibility for ‘on-the-job’ training for new recruits from the Philippines:  provided a good insight into the early principals and ethos of a practical teaching approach now commonly know as TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) or TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language). Training new Princess Cruises recruits in wine service and stock control technology, whilst supporting their English Language development (which was essential for their work at sea on cruise ships). This was dynamic with effective results. Seafarer safety duties such as lifeboat drills with 75 [multi-national] crew members, as a lifeboat/raft supervisor, was another early TEFL/TESOL  experience as a P&O seafarer working with Italian, Indian, Chinese and Philippine nationals, for instance.  A few years later (1994) as a live-in English Tutor for a private Turkish family in Turkey. This experience reinforced the practical implementation of the TEFL/TESOL  approach in both formal and informal situations, the benefits and also its limitations in a non-native English speaking country/community.

Learn Sweet Learn students – children, young people and adults – now benefit from these early experiences with personalised ‘1-2-1’ Immersion designed EFL courses for their homestay English courses in England. General English and Business English Immersion courses including Cambridge English exam preparation options can be booked. Students can start to consider which exam they would prefer to prepare for (and speak to their school teachers) before they arrive in England and look at the English Exams available

Learn Sweet Learn is registered as a homestay host provider via Hosts International  HomestayIN  HomestayCom with the additional benefit of facilitating occasional cultural visits to enrich their experience as international visitors,  i.e. local Birmingham/West Midlands cultural visits

Birmingham/Midlands Cultural Visits